ARC Museum: 9 New Images

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ARC Museum: 9 New Images

March 13, 2009

Nine new works of art have been added to the ARC museum:

1 new piece by Adrianus Eversen
1 new piece by Adriana-Johanna Haanen
1 new piece by Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer
1 new piece by Johannes Rosierse
1 new piece by Petrus Johannes Schotel
1 new piece by Jan Jacob Coenraad Spohler
1 new piece by Johannes Franciscus Spohler
2 new pieces by Pieter Gerard Vertin

Please note that ARC Museum new image announcements (such as this post) may be appended if additional works of art are added to the site later the same day. Such announcements are considered final at the end of the day; works of art added the following day will be announced through a new post as usual.