At the Edge: The Art of the Fantastic is now in full swing

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At the Edge: The Art of the Fantastic is now in full swing

June 21, 2012

This year, the Association of Fantastic Art in coordination with the Allentown Art Museum, Pennsylvania, USA, has put together a groundbreaking exhibition, AT THE EDGE: THE ART OF THE FANTASTIC, which will take place from June 3rd through September 9th, 2012. This exhibition gambits the timeline of this genre, including over 150 painting from the Romantics and Pre-Raphaelites through the Golden Age of Illustration to the present.
"I was very impressed with At the Edge. Not only were the works imaginative, ambitious, and highly skilled, the orchestration showed a great connection between works of the past and present illustrating how artists of today have built on and evolved from the artists of the past. I believe this show to be revolutionary in quality and subject mater, attracting both an older audience who loves farmiliar stories and legends, to a youthful audience who is inspired by not only fantasy, but Science Fiction and Symbolist imagery."
-Kara Lysandra Ross

Peter Trippi, Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine and author of the Catalogue Raisonne on John William Waterhouse will be speaking at the museum on The Pre-Raphaelites and 19th-Century England's Other Visionaries: Fantasy Artists Ahead of Their Time? Sunday afternoon, July 22, 2012.

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