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<i>Fine Art Connoisseur</i> ARC International Salon Article

November 11, 2013

The much anticipated article featuring the winners of the International 2012/2013 ARC Salon has recently been released in the November/December issue of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. The issue features Joseph Dolderer's Second Place Figurative Category winning work on the cover. The article titled The Art Renewal Center Salon: Better than Ever, was written by Kelly Compton and is a five page spread.
FAC Cover Featuring Fumiko by Joseph Dolderer, 2nd place Figurative Category Winner and Purchase Award
"Fred Ross is delighted with the 'cross-pollination of skills, methods, and ideas' he has watched unfold over the past two decades, while his daughter Kara admires the '21st-century feel' of the winning works. 'These images', she explains, 'cannot be confused with any other time period', and indeed that openness to the present is one reason browsing the Salon pages of is such a pleasure. It will be fascinating to see who will rise to the surface through the next Salon, the results of which will be announced in 2014 and illustrated in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine thereafter."

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