Kara Lysandra Ross Interviewed by John Pototschnik

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Kara Lysandra Ross Interviewed by John Pototschnik

January 22, 2014

Part II of a II part interview has just been published, click here to read the interview.

Why, at this time in our history, is there a move away from non-objective art toward realism?

"There is a strong move towards realism because people are tired of looking at things that do not require skill. I am sure that in the beginning and even into the 1960s and 1970s, it was exciting to experiment by throwing paint or painting dots and squares, finding found objects and putting them on pedestals, but now, that type of art is just dated. It is not representative of the 21st century. I read an article not too long ago in Times Magazine that was an interview with Damien Hurst. He was talking about a series of paintings he was working on that was the largest collection of paintings of spots ever created. Furthermore he went on to say that he only painted a small portion of them and hired other people to paint the vast majority. When the reporter asked him who he found to help him with the work, he said he tried to find people with no artistic talent to show that anyone can produce this type of art. I could not help thinking, “Aren’t you embarrassed to say that you are selling paintings created by people who you admit yourself have no artistic talent?” So people can paint spots, so what. The only amazing thing about it is that people are still being duped into spending tens of thousands of dollars on things they can produce themselves in a couple hours."