Liefde voor Loof - Love for Foliage

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Liefde voor Loof - Love for Foliage

Published on July 24, 2018

In conjunction with the museum exhibition, FLORA, in the Drents Museum, a sales exhibition will take place at Harms Collection.

ARC Living Master™ Joke Frima is looking for untouched nature in her work. She not only paints colorful flowers, but also winding stems and graceful leaves. She believes that the unspoiled green beauty can be found in the details. She shows us the beauty of a thistle, the charm of a small cucumber flower and the majestic allure of water lilies. The paintings of Frima are an ode to the untouched nature and show a true love for foliage.

The exhibition will take place from July 29, October 28, 2018 at Hof van Saksen, Borgerderstraat 12, NL - 9449 PA Nooitgedacht.

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