Miano Academy of Art: Apply Now for the Fall Trimester - Spaces are Limited

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Miano Academy of Art: Apply Now for the Fall Trimester - Spaces are Limited

Published on April 22, 2022

The Miano Academy of Art now has a new location - 5320 Lena Rd Unit 105, Bradenton, FL 34211.

Miano Academy of Art is proud to present their Atelier Apprenticeship program under the direction of ARC Associate Living Master Charles Miano, designed as a 4-level program with a completely unique 2-fold course of study.

In addition to traditional long term projects such as casts, master copies, portraits and figurative works, the Atelier Apprenticeship curriculum highlights rigorous short, intermediate and long practice from the live model. This balanced approach develops hand eye coordination quickly and improves an artist's ability to see and capture life and movement dramatically while at the same time learning to finish works of art to the highest standards of excellence. An additional 5th level narrative specialization is open to Academy graduates.

Openings are limited and applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. One-on-one instruction with detailed attention is provided, so students can thrive in their study no matter their entry level. Throughout the apprenticeship program, students may also attend workshops at the Academy given by visiting master artists from around the world.

For more information visit: Apprenticeship - Miano Academy of Art