New Work Added to Live ARC Salon

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New Work Added to Live ARC Salon

March 24, 2017

We are pleased to announce that The Attributes of Art by Michael DeVore has been added to the 12th International ARC Salon Exhibition.
"This painting is a tribute to the famous 18th century French painter Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin. He made several still life paintings depicting the attributes of art, painting, science, and music over the course of his career. He also had an interest in creating trompe l'oeil paintings of bas-relief sculpture and I pay homage to this in my own painting. The Greco-Roman bas-relief represents the discipline of sculpture and the history of Western art dating back to the Greeks. The sculpture shows a scene of sacrifice, a principle often associated with creating art. The palette, brushes, and oil represent the discipline of painting and the full range of colors needed to render the natural world in paint. The small drawing under the palette represents the most rudimentary discipline of art. It depicts the eye, hand, and mind which must all work together simultaneously to create a skillful work. The two pennies allude to the financial difficulties many artists face while trying to make a living. They also symbolize the criticism an artist often receives. Everyone wants to offer their 'two cents'." - Michael DeVore

This work is also available for sale. For inquiries please contact
The 12th International ARC Salon Exhibition will be on view at the Salmagundi Club, NYC from May 12th – June 1st with the public opening reception on Saturday, May 13th from 11am to 3pm. The works will then travel to the MEAM Museum, Barcelona where they will be on view from September 23rd – November 27th.

To learn more about the exhibition and to see the other works that have joined the exhibition so far, visit our 12th International ARC Salon Exhibition Page. #12thARCSalon