Painting for Good Causes - Call For Artists

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Painting for Good Causes - Call For Artists

June 23, 2016

For two years, ARC Living Artist Laurie Anspach has been volunteering her painting skills to various causes and would like to invite other artists to donate their time and skills for the betterment of communities across the nation.

American Family by Laurie Anspach helps servicemen stay connected with their families by arranging for artists to paint family portraits prior to deployment.

Additionally, in conjunction with a second national nonprofit, The Heart Gallery, portraits of foster care children who are in need of a permanent home are created.
Recently another good cause has been added in association with the Children's Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, where artists paint for children and their families who are on active treatment to overcome cancer.

To learn more about the these projects and to participate, please visit and see some of the work on Facebook: