Portrait Painting with David Gray

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Portrait Painting with David Gray

Published on January 25, 2019

Portrait Painting with David Gray

Workshop runs from 4/1/2019 - 4/5/2019 at the ARC ApprovedSM Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art.

David's signature style reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty and order which pays homage to the Classical Tradition in its craftsmanship. Collectors of David's work often relate that his painting evokes a sense of peace, stillness, or a contemplative mood. His award-winning works have been covered by major art publications including Southwest Art, Art of the West, and American Art Collector. David also teaches several workshops per year in portraiture and still life painting throughout the United States and abroad.

Through demonstration and personalised instruction, David will teach the application of the painting medium as he applies it in his own professional work. Stages of painting will include:

Underdrawing - methods and thought processes of how to construct the underlying drawing of your subject on your painting support (your canvas or panel).

Colour Study and Underpainting - discussion on some basic color theory and mixology. Creating a color poster study to help workout your major color concerns before launching into the portrait and applying a thin layer of oil color onto the drawing, in preparation for the next stage.

Overpainting - This is the real business of painting where David will show how to paint your subject region by region; bringing each area to a finish before moving on. Among other things he will discuss paint handling, basic color mixing and turning form.

Glazing and Continuing the Overpainting - On this day you will glaze and make minor adjustments as necessary. You will also continue to work on the overpainting.

In addition, students are encouraged to ask any other questions applicable to the art making process. In past workshops he has discussed other items such as: composition, how to take good photo reference material, the importance of drawing/painting from life, personal art making philosophy, and many other related topics.

For a full list of materials and to reserve your spot on this workshop, visit https://www.edinburghatelieroffineart.com/short-courses-and-workshops.