Ron Cheek and the ARC Approved™ Texas Academy of Figurative Art featured in Post-Modern Times

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Ron Cheek and the ARC Approved™ Texas Academy of Figurative Art featured in <i>Post-Modern Times</i>

September 19, 2013

The below is a quote from the article titled Perhaps it is Time to Make Really Wonderful Paintings Again, by Dick Davison
“It is very satisfying, therefore, to realize that throughout [the recent history of contemporary art], there have been artists who were never the servants of “hot” trends in the art world, who never relinquished their desire to make powerful, meaningful images despite very little mainstream attention, and who continued to pursue their very specific visions of reality. Texan Ron Cheek is one such artist...Ron Cheek has been involved in teaching since his student days...he founded the Texas Academy of Figurative Art (TAFA) in 2007. This is a bold move for an individual artist in a world of five-digit population universities, accreditation bureaus, and online degrees.
Lazarus' Dream by Ron Cheek
48 x 40 inches oil on canvas
Cheek’s academy, situated in the old downtown area of Fort Worth, is the quintessential art school. The students are a remarkable mix of practicing professionals, disenchanted university students, and lay people who want to learn more about art. All are serious about being at Cheek’s school, and all are willing to work within the rigorous curriculum that is essential in developing a viable visual acuity. A visit to TAFA is indeed inspiring, and in this writer’s opinion it is this kind of learning culture that produces the most vibrant art.”