The ARC 2013/2014 Salon Results Announced

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The ARC 2013/2014 Salon Results Announced

May 24, 2014

ARC is pleased to present the winners of the 2013/2014 International Salon Competition.
With an approximate 2200 entries this year by over 1,000 artists, the 2013/2014 ARC Salon competition was more competitive then ever. This year we have accepted 685 finalists, which is the top 31% of works submitted.

This year we have given out 14 purchase awards, the value of the paintings totaling over $140,000. This is in addition to the $40,000 + in cash prizes and the production of the DVD, valued at $25,000.

Best in Show Winner - Adrift by Jeremy Lipking
Look to the future weeks and months for full coverage of the ARC Salon Winners on ARC as well as in the Epoch Times, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, and articles on specific winners in Plein Air Magazine, American Art Collector Magazine, Western Art Collector Magazine, International Artist Magazine and perhaps in other venues as well. The ARC Salon continues to grow every year with greater and more diversified publicity and a continual increase in the number of artists entering. We are approaching the start of our 11th annual ARC Salon Competition, scheduled for 2014/2015. This is sure to be our largest competition yet with the largest amount of cash awards and publicity to date. Placing as a top winner will certainly give an artist his or her big break in the field. We will be accepting entries from October 1, 2014 through the beginning of 2015. If you are an artist, don't miss out on your chance to compete.
To view the results, click here.

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