Three More Works Added to ARC Salon Exhibit

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Three More Works Added to ARC Salon Exhibit

September 11, 2015

Three new works have been added to the list of paintings to be exhibited in the traveling exhibition for the 2014/2015 ARC Salon. Today we are adding the Third Place Figurative Winner, Incarnation, Katsu Nakajima, an ARC Staff Award, A Poison Tree, by Katherine Stone, and a finalist work by ARC Living Master, Anna Wypych, titled Creature.

Incarnation by Katsu Nakajima
About Incarnation, Nakajima said the following, "Japanese people have a unique sense of animism for nature which pervades all aspects of our daily lives. It is evident in the respect we have for nature, and we feel it in everything from the mountains to the forests, spring water, a pebble by the roadside or a single tree. Incarnation, my painting, portrays the changes a person undergoes, triggered by an unidentified internal or external force. The mind and spirit echo off one another, and the balance sways back and forth like a pendulum. It was inspired by a vision of the fragility of our ability to reason, hanging delicately in the balance and embodying the characteristics of this belief, that nature has a soul."
We have received a number of requests from artists who have been asked to participate in the live exhibition if we will provide an opportunity for them to sell their paintings. Because of this we have decided to do so. Many of the works on exhibit are also available for sale, a full list of these works can be found at the below link.

To view newly added write-ups on these works and to see which pieces are available for purchase, please visit the page we’ve created for the exhibition by clicking here.