Three-Year Diploma Program – Florence Academy of Classical Arts

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Three-Year Diploma Program – Florence Academy of Classical Arts

Published on May 26, 2023

FALL INTAKE - October 2, 2023 - June 7, 2024

WINTER INTAKE INTENSIVE - February 5, 2024  - July 19, 2024

SUMMER INTAKE INTENSIVE* - April 2, 2024  - September 27, 2024 - *with 1 month break in August 

The students who successfully accomplish the Three-Year Diploma Program are awarded a private institutional diploma in Visual Arts of Europe. This course is intensive, highly customized and personalized with sequences of progressive learning, where the student receives applied knowledge training in small student groups.

The course is suitable for people with the minimum of initial preparation since it is designed to take a student from zero to a hundred, providing the knowledge, technique, development of personal artistic style and refined art taste. 

During the course of three years, students build the strongest portfolio which enables them to choose from a variety of career options such as illustration, animation, design, drawing in architecture, portraitist, fashion design  and drafting, as well as many other careers paths in the world of Visual Arts. ​

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