Tony Ryder Portrait Intensive at BACAA

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Tony Ryder Portrait Intensive at BACAA

Published on June 21, 2023

Only 2 spots remaining in each program

An exclusive opportunity to study with Master Artist Tony Ryder in a  4-week long program at  Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier.

BACAA/Tony Ryder Master Residency Portrait Drawing Program-2023 - August 7-11, 2023. The workshop includes intensive study of the portrait, a one-week course in the fundamental principles of long pose portrait drawing in pencil on white drawing paper, and in pencil and white chalk on tinted paper. Open to all levels. The workshop will include 100 hours including Tony's daily 2 hour demos and  lectures. This will strengthen and help each student  gain an understanding of light and form and the beauty of subtle progressions.  

BACAA/Tony Ryder Master Residency Portrait Painting Workshop-2023  - August 14 – September 1, 2023. An introduction to Form Painting, a complete method of painting the portrait in oil, in five stages.  Weeks two through 4 Tony will teach Form Painting. It is a direct ‘window shade’ method of painting wet into wet, and into a dark base.  This is not a paint everywhere quickly approach. One section is painted at a time, finishing it completely, before going to the next section. The painting slowly reveals itself as if a window shade were being withdrawn to expose the scene hidden behind it. This approach necessitates careful control of value and color.  

Students are able to book only one or both workshops. For more information, please visit

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