TRAC 2018 – Special Offer

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TRAC 2018 – Special Offer

February 28, 2018

Art Renewal Center has been a loyal partner of The Representational Art Conference (TRAC) for several years now and since TRAC is going abroad for the first time this year, we want to celebrate this with our loyal supporters.
This year TRAC is held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Leeuwarden is this year’s cultural capital of Europe and will therefore be entirely devoted to art and culture. Not only is Leeuwarden worth a visit when it comes to art, Amsterdam is a 2-hour direct train ride away, where some of the most famous museums and exhibitions are housed. Click here to check out the full program of TRAC 2018.

The Representational Art Conference and Art Renewal Center are happy to announce this special offer to ARC Visitors and Fans.  You are being given a special discounted price: 340 euros instead of 420 euros! A 19% discount!

Come and join us from May 1-4 2018 and register now!