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The Classical Realism Quarterly and its successor Classical Realism Journal are dedicated to promoting and preserving the works of the Old Masters: their techniques, their accumulated knowledge, and their vital relevance to art today. These publications came into existence in response to the marginalization of traditional art by proponents of the modernism and avant-garde movements of the 20th century. They provide a platform to help ensure traditional or “classical” art not only survives but also thrives. A beacon of light in an art world grown dark.

Created by Richard F. Lack and published by Atelier Lack beginning in 1986, the Classical Realism Quarterly mailed to 400 supporters. By 1992 it was transformed into the Classical Realism Journal published by The American Society of Classical Realism. By the time the CRJ folded in 2003 it had reached thousands of people worldwide. To ensure the knowledge contained within these publications will continue to enlighten generations to come, the rights to reprint the CRQ and CRJ were given to the Art Renewal Center. 

You will find a broad spectrum of contributing writers in these pages. While numerous articles were written by Lack and his students, many were written by art historians, collectors, and artists from other schools of traditional drawing, painting and sculpture. This encouraged a dialogue about traditional art and introduced perspectives from other traditions, as well as from collectors and historians. 

I am proud to have played a role in forwarding Classical Realism and promoting the fine craft of picture-making. And, I am pleased to know that the work of so many who contributed to our publications will live on through the auspices of the Art Renewal Center. 

Gary Christensen

Author, Richard F. Lack Catalogue Raisonné (current project)

Founder and President, The American Society of Classical Realism (1989-2003)

Publisher Classical Realism Quarterly (1989-1992) and Classical Realism Journal (1992-2003)