Full Costumed Portrait in Oils Experience

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Full Costumed Portrait in Oils Experience

23 June, 2024 to 28 June, 2024

EUR 895

Schoolhouse for Art
The Square, Enniskerry, Wicklow, Wicklow A98 RH33

During this 5 day workshop with Rebecca Tait, students can expect

Day 1: Anatomy lesson of head and face structure using a life size fabric skull, with printed out information. This will be followed by grisaille studies of the model from different angles focusing on better understanding of their structure.

Day 2: Review anatomy of bones of head and neck. Final grisaille of model. Colour theory lesson and painting demos.

Day 3: Spine anatomy as well as face and neck muscles are reviewed. Basic colour study is started, seeing big colour, value, temperature and shapes first. The benefit of stepping back and adjusting initial decisions will be explained. Canvas will be fully covered in well thought out colour choices.

Day 4: Anatomy of shoulder region, clavicle and sternum are added. Students will be heading from macro towards micro seeing. Sophisticated colour mixing will be explained .

Day 5: Fine details of anatomy are checked . All aspects of value, temperature, colour, chroma, placement, shape and edges are all put through final adjustments. Final critique and individual suggestions for advancement are suggested. The art of the signature and how to support loose canvas are discussed.