Make a reservation for the 15th ARC Salon Exhibition at Sotheby’s NY

The public grand opening of the 15th ARC Salon Exhibition will take place at Sotheby’s NY, 1334 York Avenue, New York City, NY, Saturday, July 17th between 11am – 3pm. Due to Covid-19 it is required that all visitors RSVP for this event. Each visitor attending must provide their names through this RSVP system. If you are planning on bringing additional individuals with you, please provide their names on the additional lines below.   All visitors will be required to ware face-coverings while attending the exhibition. Please be sure to come within your designated time frame, we cannot guarantee entry if you do not come within your selected time as we will be adhering to CDC guidelines and must keep the number of visitors within CDC limits.

Only the full guest names are required.


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