Fallen by Randalf Dilla

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Randalf Dilla



91.44 x 60.96 cm | 36 x 24 in

Oil on canvas

  • Second Place ($1,000 Cash Award) / Imaginative Realism

This work is on loan from a private collection.

We always see figures of Angels in churches or in worship places as they are the representation of good, kindness, and beauty. Angels are a spiritual being, serving God, especially as a messenger, but there are some that we call fallen angels who are expelled from heaven.

In this painting, you can see an angel falling from the sky. The angel represents a human that is gradually losing faith in God or religion and becomes a sinner. As we observe, some churches nowadays turn into tourist attractions and serve less in its purpose as a worship place. Even worse, some of them are converted into business establishments like a gym, bookstore or bar. It shows that people lose interest in worshipping and focus more on achieving happiness with material things —money and power. Humanity is losing its grip on faith, like this angel who has fallen down from heaven, people lose their kindness and morality.