I n t r o s p e c t i o n W i t h Vo i c e s II by Viktorya Nare Karapetyan

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Viktorya Nare Karapetyan

I n t r o s p e c t i o n W i t h Vo i c e s II


100 x 73 cm | 39 1/4 x 28 1/2 in

Oil on linen

  • PoetsArtists Publishing Prize

The seed that has given rise to the idea for the creation of these works is the concept of Mutualism/Symbiosis and the Mycelium.

To better understand how these concepts are connected to the idea of the works, here is little introductory information about the Mycelium and Symbiosis.

Is part of the fungi kingdom and is the network of threads, called hyphae, from which mushrooms grow.
Mycelia are most prevalent in fields, forests, and heavily wooded areas. Its hyphae, a network of web-like structures that
form mycelium, secrete enzymes to break down food sources to be used by the organisms.
Through hyphae, mycelium breaks down and absorbs
surrounding organic matter into nutrients that can be absorbed and used as nourishment. Mycelia make up a critical part of 
their ecosystems by aiding in the decomposition and regeneration process.
They also intertwine with plant and tree roots to form a complex, symbiotic ecosystem, expanding below the ground creating a network of connection between all plant species, something like the internet network, which allows them not only to communicate, but also to take care of themselves, protect themselves, feed themselves, and supply themselves with water.

Symbiosis - “Live together” is any type of close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organismo that live, interact and depend on each other.
Mutualism or interspecies reciprocal altruismo is a long-term relationship between individuals of different species where both individuals benefit.

Based on the factual existence of the Mycelium and the symbiosis, this series of works mainly raises the possible existing interconnection that I feel exists between us, each living being and the universe, we all belong to the same source of energy, life/action and universal wisdom. We coexist in this dense mass of energy, which constantly transforms, is born, dies and redefines itself in an endless circle.

It is enough to observe in the images above the similarity of the Mycelium with our nervous and cardiovascular system, could it be a microscopic demonstration of all the universal functioning?
Our ego and belief systems separate us from the essential, from the union with everything, they blind us with the imposed banalities. They make me feel that the illusion and the suffering, the emptiness that we feel is the intuition that we live in a fiction from which it is impossible for us to wake up. Our power of imagination, the one that characterizes us and distinguishes us from other coexisting beings, has become our own prison, the system that we have created for millennia exalting our ego and making us believe in the fiction that we are the masters of everything. But that is also part of the whole, a purpose that I still do not know and that increasingly reaffirms the emptiness.
Although I would like to be idealistic, in my opinion, evil is part of good, chaos is necessary for order and without death there is no resurrection. It is part of the same ecosystem, so Amensalism characterizes our species.

The red cloth symbolizes two things: on the one hand, universal energy, and on the other, the pain of the very existence of the human condition. In turn, it is the superior energy that invades her, that envelops her inner world and accompanies her during the introspective ritual. Process in which she fights with her own worldly demons, her emptiness and meaninglessness, inevitably accompanied by the ghost of her Alter Ego that blinds her from the essentials and that dirty her mind with toxic noise. The Alter Ego represented as a parasite, is the voice of the social mandate, fears and insecurities imposed by her mere condition.

In "Introspection With Voices II", the red fabric is kept with the same meaning, but it is an evolutionary process in which she begins to feel the connection with the whole, the experience through symbiosis with another being where both give rise to the creation of a unique energy that is born from their union. Introspection now happens as a symbiosis between two beings. They dialogue without words, fight, embrace, dance to the rhythm of the waves of the universe that surround them and transform into themselves. The linear meaning of time, being and object is lost, completely transforming its form.
Is it one being or are there two, is one the result of the other?

They give battle with their dance to worldly voices to the poison and pain trying to embrace the pure source they know
and feel that exists
They detach themselves from their avatar. They try to get out of the illusion. They start to open their eyes. Is enlightenment possible?
Is it possible to redefine the paradigm of the existence?