Passing Showers, Rams Ledge Light, Portland, Maine by William Davis

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William Davis

Passing Showers, Rams Ledge Light, Portland, Maine


22.86 x 45.72 cm | 9 x 18 in

Oil on panel

  • Best Marine Themed Work - Honorable Mention ($1,000 Cash Award) / Landscape

This is a view of Rams Ledge Light shortly after construction in 1905. This stone lighthouse sits at the southern end of Casco Bay. The ledge had been a constant location of shipwrecks for many years. The design is based off of Graves Light in Boston Harbor. The unusual pier system was needed as the tides in the bay are extremely high and low. This view is at low tide. At high tide vessels could pull up along side of the pier. Building at the end of the pier was for kerosene storage but not really needed long as all the larger lighthouses were electrified by 1910.