Summer Goddess by Margo Selski

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Margo Selski

Summer Goddess


152.4 x 106.68 cm | 60 x 42 in

Oil on linen

  • Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. Award
  • Enchanted Living Magazine Award

Summer Goddess evolved during the 2020 pandemic where I thought of spring, hope, abundance, and environmental issues impacting all of us.  At this time, I often took walks in an area called Sleepy Hollow. As I did, I admired the lush green forest and the buzzing of insects. Those walks fed my soul. A sense of awe and gratitude came over me listening to the vibration and music of nature. They gave me the muchness I craved. One evening, at dusk, I watched a rabbit stretched high on its hind legs nibbling bits of bark off a sapling. Soon after which, a rabbit emerged in my canvas garden.  For me, the painting allowed nature into my brick-and-mortar home, surrounding me with beauty and meaning.