Peyton Randolph House

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Gulay Berryman

Peyton Randolph House

50.8 x 152.4 cms | 20 x 60 ins


 Peyton Randolph House, Williamsburg, Virginia


                                                      Oil painting by Gulay Berryman                             


Peyton Randolph House, located on Nicholson Street, is one of the most historic and beautiful of Colonial Wiliamsburg’s 18th century homes. Peyton Randolph (1721-1773), a cousin of Thomas Jefferson, Speaker of the House of Burgesses for nine years, and President of the First and Second Continental Congresses, lived in this house from 1745 until he died in 1773. Other historic figures who took shelter there include General Rochambeau and the Marquis de Lafayette.  Randolph brought his wife, Betty Harrison Randolph, to the house around 1751. It became a hub of political activity, when Randolph was elected the Presiding Officer of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774. After her husband's death, widow Betty Randolph opened her home to French General Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de Rochambeau, and General George Washington in their preparation for the siege of Yorktown in 1781. The house served as the French headquarters until they moved to the field.