Selected ARC Exhibition Works included in Lunar Codex

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Selected ARC Exhibition Works included in Lunar Codex

Published on June 8, 2021

23 works from the 15th International ARC Salon Exhibition have been selected for inclusion in the Lunar Codex, “Nova Collection”. Art images will be laser-etched on a nickel microfiche, to be enclosed in a time capsule on a lunar lander, to be placed on the Moon in perpetuity. The Lunar Codex, which is including the work of 3,000 creatives, will be the first significant placement of contemporary arts on the Moon in 50 years. While focused on visual art, the Lunar Codex also includes a substantial collection of contemporary books, stories, poetry, music, essays, and more. Nova-C Lunar Lander launching via Space X Falcon 9 in early 2022, is headed for Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms). The launch and landing will be livestreamed. Artists/ works included from the ARC Salon Exhibition are: Robert Liberace (Spartan), Peter Adams (The Resurrection), Karl Wennergren (Transience), Ernest Wood III, (More Than Material), Ana Schmidt (Bad Seeds), Taha Clayton (Road Warrior), Philippe Attie (Imprints), Vincent Figliola (Crossing II), Marianna Foster (God of Wealth), Andrew Luckett Jr. (Mr. Shepard), Cameron Copley-Heissig (Lockdown), Mark Pugh (Birdcatching), Nancy Hines (All These Years), Jesús Inglés (Extinción), Annie Robinson (Casey After the Dance), Hiroshi Furuyoshi (Maya), Duffy Sheridan (Something I Don’t Know), Arantza Sestayo (Seven Hearts), Evgeniy Monahov (Girl with a Gun), Ruth Fitton (Things Not Seen), Jaq Grantford  (Transparent), Christopher Remmers (Zain) and JuliAnne Jonker (Hope).

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